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Advancing Southeast Asian Infrastructure
We aim to advance greater private sector investment in Southeast Asian infrastructure as a world-class development team comprised of highly experienced developers

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Our Competitive Advantage

Extensive Track Record

Our leadership team is comprised of industry leaders with over 150 years of infrastructure development and financing experience. Our leadership team members have a significant track record successfully developing and financing a multitude of infrastructure projects in Southeast Asia for the past 30 years.

Development Capital

We offer early stage, high-risk equity capital for select project opportunities meeting our investment criteria. We aim to co-develop these opportunities with partners from an early stage of development, where we can provide leadership managing the entire suite of project risks through till our proposed exit, at or near financial close.

Access to Finance Partners

We originate and secure proprietary opportunities through our extensive network partners. We work with globally recognized and regional sources of debt financing. We also work with major utilities and other sources of equity capital as part of our strategy to sell-down our equity ownership upon suitably de-risking our project developments.

Our Presence in Southeast Asia

Targeted Sectors

Targeted sectors of development and investment

Investment Criteria

We aim to promote greater private sector investment in infrastructure development in Southeast Asia as a world class development team comprised of highly experienced developers. We have a goal to enhance private sector infrastructure investment according to following criteria:


Projects where private sector developers are unwilling or unable to take on the upfront development costs and risks on their own

Development Impact

Projects must deliver development benefits for the poor and meet social and environmental best practices

Commercial Viability

Projects must be commercially viable (to attract private investment and ensure a return on the sale of equity)


Infunde Development is actively on the lookout for qualified organizations & people to work with; assisting in delivering it’s mandate of encouraging greater private sector investment in infrastructure development across our targeted sectors & countries in Southeast Asia.
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