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Mobilizing deep expertise with local involvement


Infunde’s investment and development framework incorporates environmental, social and governance (ESG) in all stages of the investment and development cycle, from early evaluation through to investment operations and exit.


Our in-house environmental and social experts oversee compliance with environmental and social safeguards as part of our investment and development framework. We incorporate the IFC Performance Standards and Environmental, Health and Safety Standards, as well as the World Bank Environmental and Social Framework into our operating policies and procedures. We develop projects along with our joint-venture partners to adopt and adhere to these leading standards.


We hire qualified local staff in countries where projects are being developed to lead the identification, implementation and monitoring of environmental safe activities. It is of critical importance to us that environmental and social plans are drafted with input from various stakeholders including:


  • Impacted populations
  • Local non-governmental organizations
  • Government agencies
  • Local communities and government


Our consultations with stakeholders go beyond ‘informing’ local communities of plans being developed as we look to ensure that viable options are thoroughly vetted. We also look to incorporating valuable local community feedback, inputs and opinions specifically into the front-end phases of our development strategies, project impact assessments and management plans

Infunde places importance in community engagement by being receptive of local aspirations and plans, prior to investment and development activities

Bespoke, adaptive management plans


Our management plans (incorporating environment, resettlement etc.) are developed based on our leading, adaptive management approach. We recognise that management of social and environmental issues is a dynamic and continuous process specific to each project. Our process of E&S assessment is developed on a project by project basis appropriate to the nature and scale commensurate with the specific level of its environmental and social impacts.


Strong project monitoring is required for success


A strong monitoring and evaluation system is an important factor to the success of our project developments and management plans.  We implement continuous consultations with local stakeholders as part of our environmental and social activities.


How we incorporate sustainability into our projects


As the world faces the threat of climate change, it is now becoming an important agenda for investors to recognize the need to shift from high-carbon to low-carbon technologies and projects. Infunde, as part of its commitment to address environmental issues promotes sustainability by focusing its development expertise and capabilities in renewable energy, low-carbon emission facilities, waste management and viable agriculture. Infunde continues to find ways to improve access to energy, transportation, and clean water and food to developing countries, and by doing so ensures that social benefits such as equal employment opportunities for women and advantageous labor conditions are also integral components of each of the projects it undertakes. Responsible investment has always been the core value by which Infunde operates and it will continue to enhance its mechanisms to manage ESG effectively.

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