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Advancing Southeast Asian Infrastructure
We aim to advance greater private sector investment in Southeast Asian infrastructure as a world-class development team comprised of highly experienced developers

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  • Cambodia Mango Processing Facility Project

    The majority of fresh mangoes from Cambodia are currently exported unwashed and unpacked to other markets via intermediary traders from Vietnam and Thailand. Often, these mangoes are incorrectly labeled as products of the intermediary countries. Significant value is not captured by Cambodia and its farmers because they cannot access international markets directly....

  • Archipelago Isolated Grid Hybrid Solution

    Currently, Indonesia is one of the fastest growing countries with strong economic development and population growth, giving this country a growing demand for electricity. The electrification ratio in Indonesia has been increasing rapidly at 89% by end of 2016 according to PLN publications, as a result of the Government of Indonesia’s successful efforts in increasing generation capacity. However, there is a wide variance in the electrification ratios from one province to another....